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The Ramat Modi'im / Hashmonaim (Israel) list was founded by Nettie Feldman. Previous moderators were Judy Simon, Judy Freedman, Shimon Crown, Larry Feldman and Dov Gilor. The current moderator is David Gilor (David@Gilor.com).

RM is exceptionally warm and supportive. As in many close-knit families, we often argue among ourselves on this list, sometimes even heatedly. Please don't get an unfavorable impression of our community.

1. Mail delivery options: you can choose to receive each individual e-mail as it's posted; a daily digest; no list e-mail at all. See the 'edit my membership' page at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rammod/join

You can always read the latest messages / search the list archives at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rammod/messages

2. The address for posting e-mail to the list is rammod@yahoogroups.com. You can post Hebrew messages in 'Hebrew for Windows' format. Please do not ask the moderator to post for you.

3. PLEASE make sure that your FULL NAME appears either as a signature or as your email Sender name.
If you do not live in Hashmonaim, please add the city / town you live in to your posts.
.נא לרשום שם מלא וכתובת כאשר שולחים לרשימה

4. Visit the Yishuv web page at http://www.rammod.net

5. Policies regarding promotional messages:
o Ramat Modi'im businesses may post occasional promotional messages.
o Other area businesses may post an initial promotional message or a very occasional special announcement.

6. Postings by new list members will be pre-screened. Messages that violate the above rules, or which are otherwise deemed inappropriate, will be rejected by the moderator.

7. Please do not join Rammod to send "all-points-bulletins" to every e-mail list in Israel. The members of this list have subscribed in order to receive area announcements only.


NB: The Ramat Modi'im Website has no connection to the Rammod e-mail list.