26.11.02 Elections

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1. Amir Roth

2. Dov Gilor

3. Elliot Yaffe

4. Uri Yaffe

5. Uzi Assiyag

6. Yona Werner

7. David Aviezer

8. Judy Simon

9. Gil Rosen

10. Michal Sternthal

11. Shuki Hollander

12. Michael Tamim

13. Naftali Wexler

14. Shai Elitzur

15. Ilan Travitz

16. David Gilor

17. Yakov Ben Dror








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Vote  Tachlis for Yishuv Vaad                                      


1.                     We believe - that Vaad activities should be public and that there is a need for a continual flow of information between the residents and the Vaad. This would include a timely response to public requests and an explanation of the decisions made by the Vaad.    .

2.                     We believe  - in encouraging individual voluntary initiatives from the residents.

3.                     We believe  - in the need for extending a warm welcome and maximum support to all new families joining our community. We believe that particular attention should be given to our soldiers and sherut leumi girls.

4.                     We believe  - in the need to organize extensive social and cultural activities for children and youth throughout the year and in the need to strengthen our Bnei Akiva and to provide a suitable building for the Snif.

5.                     We believe  - in the need to initiate special summer projects and to improve the quality of the Keitana.

6.                    We believe  - in encouraging educational initiatives in the school and in the Yeshiva such as the splitting of large or difficult classes, the increasing of extra curricular activities and Torani classes, and in funding educational material and teaching aides.

7.                     We believe - in the need for increased adult social and cultural initiatives such as study groups, subsidized regular lectures by prominent personalities, and Torah forums for young men and women.

8.                    We believe  -in the need to construct an adequate fence around the Yishuv, in the purchase of additional security equipment, and in the need for constant contact with the security forces in an effort to improve security around the Yishuv.

9.                  We believe - in the need for a controlled development plan that would benefit and improve the quality of life for all of us and in the need to implement the development work in the Yishuv supervised by a professional inspector.

10.               We believe - in the need to reexamine the development plans in order to reduce the cost of the Pituach and in the need to negotiate vigorously with the Moetza and with the relevant government offices in order to find a way to ease the financial burden on the residents.

11.               We believe - in the need to complete the Pituach project.

12.               We believe - in the need to take the legal steps against the Ramat Modiin company and the Moetza of Modiin Elite to ensure their fulfillment of all of their obligations to the Yishuv, including the construction of the entrance road to the Yishuv, the payment of all outstanding debts, and the payment for the Yishuv security costs. .

13.               We believe - in the need for adequate maintenance of all Yishuv property including pathways, sidewalks and public benches and in the need for recycling bottles and paper and for installing the necessary collection facilities.

14.               We believe - in the need to fight to annul the public building (Mivnei Tzibur) tax.

15.               We believe - in the need for peace, quiet and security for the residents of Hashmonaim!


Your vote will determine who will be on the Vaad for the next 5 years!


Join us and participate in the development of our future and the future of our children!


VOTE          ' for Yishuv Vaad